Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5yrs and still thin...

I am self conscious about the crown area it is so thin a patchy looking. I have tried everything to stimulate growth and nothing seems to be working. Its been 5yrs yall and nothing I mean I was thin in that area before sisterlocks its just so up close and personal especially after retighten that area. Do any know of any products that can help stimulate growth I prefer natural products if at all possible!


Lock University said...

Have you tried Rogaine For Women? CVS sells an affordable generic version. It takes up to a year to see results so the cheaper CVS generic brand is the way to go. For sure....No instant solution.

Tequila Jackson Allen said...

Yes I thought about trying this product
maybe I will stop by there tomorrow and check it out

Anonymous said...

try mega-tek hair rebuilder (google it) It says it made for horses, but safe for human use. I have been using it for 1mo with great results. Do your research and check it out. It's great!!!

FoshoMocha said...


Hair Nourishment Oil, (4oz)

HoneyComb Hair Rejuvenator, (4oz)


To thicken, regrow, strenghten & enhance you hair I definetly would recommend these products from (komaza hair care). Their customer service is excellent. If you call them and let them you what your looking for in a product they help you so much & are very considerate and polite. Their shipping is off the chain fast too most shipments arrive at your door in 2-3 days at the least.

special k said...

hi i had the same problem and use a product call minoval the drops and hair dress combine put directly into the scap my hair now is very healthy try this .

Tequila Jackson Allen said...

Special K,

you know I just may do that I use to use this product before my sisterlocks


sheryl said...

Thanks for posting your photos as I too am self conscious about my balding hair in the crown. It was thin before sisterloocks and seems thinner now, but I thought it was due to my age or dying my hair. I lost my first lock in that area about two months ago. I made myself take it calmly, but inside...

I like the hairstyle solution that you are rocking. Thant you for your courage. It (hair thinning) is what it is and that is all it will be.
Warmest holiday wishes to you.
SL 4 years

terri said...

try rosemary and sage boil to make tea let cool and rinse over hair u can use as a spray to it stimulates growth

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I have that same problem. I can not express at the age of 55, how this is silently bothering me. I keep my crown covered all the time. Otherwise, my hair is healthy all over. And it also seems as the balding pattern has gotten larger over the six years of my having my sister locks. Very distressed....

P.S have any of the suggestions helped!

Daja Vu Beauty said...

I use empress re-grow.

Lynneedee said...

Hi Tequila.

You might want to consider the reasons why your hair is thinning in the crown area.
I've found a lot of really sound help and advice from this site:


Please take a look - I'm sure the advice will help.


Anonymous said...

zest two lemons and mix with one cup mayo massage into scalp, do this every night about three hours before you go to sleep.

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