Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My journey thus far/My favorite piece of art

Hello all my fellow sisterlockers and friends I have been away for a long time I decided to create another blog. Well this first was a a complete disaster. I am five months into my journey Sorry I don't have any photos to post but I do Have a photo of my Favorite piece of art I purchase recently I think this piece capture beautiful Beautiful black African American Sisters in their natural State quite like many of us sisters My sl's are doing great still have culy q's ends but there is a couple that started to thicken but hopefully I will lock soon completely I have 509 locks to be exact and my next retightening is April 5th So enjoy my blog and next time I will have some photos!!!

My journey thus far

My Peeps!

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South Florida, Florida, United States
I am a sisterlock Trainee residing in Sunny South Florida. I've been on my Sisterlock Journey since October of 2005.