Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I arrived home safe from the Sisterlock brunch!

Hello My DFW Sistahs,

I arrived home safe and sound It was rough driving back to Houston with the bad weather and all but I wish I more time with your guys But will definitely consider moving to Dallas or maybe I will take the cruise Detra is advertising for The sisterlocked sistas and there familys. You guys were wonderful I felt great and I felt like apart of the family! I hope to get back real soon and again thanks to everyone especially Lachanda. Tra, you work that cut you look Fierce and stop shedding those tears you are more beautiful in person. I love everyone take care until we meet again, Also I am approaching my 1 year mark on Saturday the 21st of October. Hooray to me!!!!

My Peeps!

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South Florida, Florida, United States
I am a sisterlock Trainee residing in Sunny South Florida. I've been on my Sisterlock Journey since October of 2005.