Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hello All it's been while...

Hello everyone it's been a while. I took a little time to update my blog so many things happened since I've been away. I had the pleasure of attending the Sisterlock Homecoming and also I took some photos at my retightening session on Yesterday as you can see in the photos I've had serious growth and check out my SISTERLOCK STERLING SILVER EARRINGs ON THE 18TH PICTURE DOWN. I brought these from Dr. Cornwell herself in one of the photos at the sisterlodge she is sporting a pair herself now Back to hair my hair was thinning mainly in the top area but guess what it fuzz is sprouting up! . Ok the pics until next time...

My Peeps!

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I am a sisterlock Trainee residing in Sunny South Florida. I've been on my Sisterlock Journey since October of 2005.