Saturday, February 03, 2007

I must tell I've been tagged!

There is five things you don't know about me

1.I was also an army brat, My father was in the United States Army. Iwas born in Wuzberg.Germany Frankfurt to be exact. I lived in Many different places like Germany,China and the Phillpines etc... I am 29 yrs old and the oldest of 5 siblings.

2. I have 13 tattoos and about 2 yrs ago my tongue was pierce. When I lose a little weight I would love to get my navel pierce.

3.I am planning to take the sisterlock training class in April of this Year in Miami I'm a little nervous but I am so fascinated with the technique and want to become a wonderful consultant and continue the sisterlock movement.

4.I am schedule to get my braces in about a couple of weeks I need them badly I have a serious overbite as a result of sucking my thumb as a child...

5.I live Neosoul,blues,jazz and rock music, My favorite artist is Gerald Levert!

Well there now you know some things about lashaune

Peace and Blessing!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Guess who turn 29 yrs old!

I am having mix feeling about turning 29 yrs old and I have still have alot to accomplish beleive it seem so far away o well I guess I will keep chugging along

Peace till next time

Venus and Serena william's Mother has Sisterlocks

I was informed on yesterday oracene price yes venus and serena's mother has sisterlocks and their blonde. Doesn't she look fierce!

My Peeps!

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